How Can I Help A Student In Need?

Select the school(s) of your choice.

  • Review the Current Needs. Every need has a unique ID Number assoicated with it.
  • Once you have selected a need that you would like to fulfill, click on the Fulfill This Need button.
  • A fulfillment form will appear.
  • Please fill in the form and click on the Statement Box. By clicking on the Statement Box you are pledging to fulfill this need.
  • Once you have submitted your pledge to fulfill the need, your fulfillment form is immediately emailed to one of our Good Deed Doers to confirm that the form is correct and complete. The review process takes only a few minutes.
  • The donor will receive a confirmation call from a Good Deed Doer with instructions on how best to deliver the item(s) to the school.
  • We then contact the teacher or school administrator who nominated the student in need and inform them that have a donor. Followed by lots of cheering!
  • The donor brings the needed item(s) directly to the school’s main office where a staff member logs in the ID Number. A BIG Thank You is given to the donor and the donor exits the school knowing that they just helped a student in need. The donor and the student never meet!
  • The school staff member informs the teacher of the student in need that the item(s) have arrived.
  • The teacher then surprises the student in need with the item(s). Everyone Wins!!!

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