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How to write a request for the My Student in Need website:

1. A Counselor, Teacher or Staff person identifies a student with a specific need.

2. Is the need on the approved needs list? (see list) Should the need request be routed to My Student in Need for consideration? Email My Student in Need. (Contact page)

3. If you School participates in the My Student in Need project, go to Request A Need on the My Student in Need website. (If your school is not yet a participating school with the My Student in Need project: How to become a participating school.)

4. On the “Request A Need” page, you will be asked to enter your email address as verification of your school’s participation in the My Student in Need project.

5. From there, you will be directed to the Request a Need Form.

6. Enter in the name of the person making the request, this is the person we will contact for questions and/or fulfillment of the need request and should be the person associated with the email address.

7. Enter the desired contact phone number.

8. The email address should already be filled in.

9. Complete the age

10. Select gender (this is for descriptive purposes only, so the teacher should determine what to put for gender based on school policy….if a donor wants to buy items to donate, they may make buying decisions based on traditional perceptions of boy or girl).

11. Select the School

12. Select the Grade

13. Complete Teacher’s fist initial and last name. (This is useful for a liaison who is submitting a request on behalf of other teachers to keep track of which need goes to which classroom, however, you can put the contact name in the box if you prefer).

14. Is the Need and Emergency? In the drop down, answer yes or no. An Emergency would be, for example: a lice treatment kit for a child or a coat for a child that does not have any coat at all. Fulfillment of needs usually is based on when a donor chooses to fulfill that particular need, however, for Emergency needs we are sometimes able to fulfill them the same day.

15. Complete the “need request” My Student in Need – grade, gender, age is in need of _____________________. If you would like to assist with this need, you can donate gently used/clean ____________ or make a donation to My Student in Need of $_generally we try to keep this as reasonable as possible – preferably less than $150______ and we will purchase a gift card for the teacher to purchase the needed items. (If this is a case where the student can go shopping, it is always nice to highlight that the student will get to go shopping: for example … and we will purchase a gift card for the teacher to take the student shopping). PLEASE CLICK ON THE FULFILL THIS NEED REQUEST BUTTON and let us know how you would like to help. Thank you! The identification # is school name #(will be assigned when you submit to MSIN). (For examples: Completed Student Needs)

16. Complete the request by clicking on the check boxes in the Statement Box (true & correct and terms and conditions, privacy policy).

17. Click SUBMIT APPLICATION (Staff at My Student in Need will proof your need request and may make adjustments to text)

18. You will receive an email with the need identification #.

19. Once My Student in Need receives a donor, we will contact you to arrange for fulfillment of the need request.

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